Technical Leadership

In young companies, the CTO is often a former software developer or engineering manager elevated into the position as the company grew. Though given considerable responsibility, many still lacked the real-world experience needed to align technology resources and vision with business goals. Technical direction, leading operations, data, and software engineers, or collaborating with other C-suite executives to move short- and long-term goals owing to budgetary constraints or simply the hiring leader not being able to determine what “good” looked like.

An externally sourced CTO can help companies overcome the inexperience of their technical leadership team. A fractional or interim CTO is a strategic position in a company that needs an experienced CTO to establish or guide a technical department but that may not yet be able to hire a permanent executive. An iCTO can grow the engineering or data team; An fCTO can lead a digital transformation or mentor an inexperienced CTO. The role can be full-time for a fixed engagement or an agreement to deliver assistance extemporaneously as and when problems or projects require advice or direct intervention from a senior technical leader.

What is CTO as a Service?

A fractional chief technology officer (fCTO) is an experienced senior technical leader who aims to address specific, urgent needs like strategic planning, infrastructure management, due diligence, tech-to-business liaison with investors and the executive board, product development, or mentoring of inexperienced technical staff. An fCTO is an executive who able to manage business priorities on critical projects quickly without the cost of a full-time leader.

An interim chief technology officer (iCTO) is an experienced senior technical executive who manages technology or a transformation for a company for a fixed contract period, acting as CTO, CTPO, or Head of Technology and representing the company in all activities usually reserved for the CTO. This role would also offer assistance in finding, interviewing and hiring a permanent CTO or CTPO.