Currently I work in the DevOps and Development space in Berlin but have worked for companies throughout Europe including Germany, UK, France, Netherlands and Sweden.  Most of my projects and roles have been helping companies and teams establish or improve their DevOps organisation or lead a Digital Transformation effort. Often I work as part of a virtual team made up of other senior operations and development leaders and whose expertise in software development and architecture, digital transformations, testing and quality assurance. Together we help teams small and large to plan and execute transformations. We support and help company leaders to define, plan, implement and optimise any part of the development process from agile software development practices with practical, accurate metrics to next generation testing and quality solutions as well as full-on digital transformations.

I am personally committed to implementing innovative technical and methodology transformations to improve software quality, reduce costs and improve productivity regardless of domain or business.


As a senior and executive level operations and development leader, I bring more than 20 years of expertise in development and operations as well as leading digital transformations in a variety of companies for the past 8 years. As an experienced strategist, I am able to translate technical ideas into functional solutions; implementing innovative technical and methodology transformations that improve software quality and usually reduce costs and improve productivity along the way. With experience in many domains and businesses I have been privileged to have led digital transformation efforts as part of operations, CI/CD and development, quality assurance, release automation and orchestration, and DevOps/SRE groups.