Implementing or improving a Digital or Data Transformation can be a daunting task. While there is no right way to guarantee success, there are ways to achieve positive results by avoiding common pitfalls. Any corporate transformation is usually complex because, first, it will impact many areas in an organisation. Second, a transformation directly confronts many people’s fears of change.  There can be no substitute for experience in leading a transformation; this experience is often only available outside the organisation. At the same time, there is no way for an external person to appreciate the internal dynamics of the organisation fully. For these reasons, we have found. that often, the best way to confront transformational challenges is to establish a transparent transformation plan developed by people who understand transformation working closely with people who understand the organisation: cooperation between external expertise and insider knowledge.

Engaginng an iCTO or fCTO to establish, lead, or transform your techncial organisation can:

  • Deliver technical, security, and data roadmaps and strategies
  • Manage technology contracts and reduce costs
  • Due diligence
  • Tech to business or board liason
  • Train, coach, and mentor engineering and product managers, or VPs of Engineering
  • Help launch new products or services
  • Improve ways of working and increase development efficiency
  • Guide technical priorities, communications, and quality improvements 
  • Establish a career progression framework and promotion guidelines
  • Improve salary calibration processes
  • Establish effective interview, hiring and onboarding processes for engineering
  • Act as a full-time interim CTO to set up and lead the Engineering and/or Data department or improve SDLC efficiency.  This could also include leading the interview process to assess candidates for a permanent CTO/VP position.