Implementing or improving a Digital or DevOps Transformation can be a daunting task. While there is no right way to guarantee success, there are however ways to achieve positive results by avoiding some common pitfalls. Any corporate transformation is usually complex because first, it will impact many areas in an organisation and second, because it confronts directly many people’s fear of change.  There can be no substitute for experience in leading a transformation and this experience is often only available outside the organisation. At the same time, there is no way for an external person to fully appreciate the internal dynamics of the organisation. For these reasons we have found that often the best way to confront the transformational challenges is to establish a focused and transparent transformation plan, developed by people who understand transformation working closely with people who understand the organisation: cooperation between external expertise and insider knowledge.

We aim to provide support for your Digital, DevOps, Agile or SDLC Transformation.  Depending on the scope of the project, we conduct a set of comprehensive analyses based on interviews and short questionnaires with teams to create detailed assessments and then provide actionable proposals for you to implements the way you see fit.

We employ several industry-standard tools to collect data and core metrics which we then use to discover, analyse and prioritise, for example, technical debt. Our behavioural and technical debt analysis is built around the award-winning Codescene behavioural analysis tool from Empear. DevOps Assessments to assess teams and competencies are based on the tools from DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). We also use the BSIMM9 framework to evaluate software security processes and we help you create Value Stream Mappings to visualise and optimise development and release value streams. If valuable, we can also help integrate any of the above into your organisation as well as deploy release orchestration tools from XebiaLabs.

The results of our reviews and analyses, combined with our knowledge from real-world experience, will give your company or team reports with detailed, pragmatic and actionable suggestions on how to improve your current development cycle or streamline a current transformation project improve delivery cycles and product quality and how to lower costs.

We offer four tracks to suit your requirements and to enable you and your teams to improve efficiency and increase long-term value.

Technical Debt

Set Refactoring priorities
Create Refactoring Plan(s)
Codescene training

Process Workflows

Define Value Stream Mappings
VSM workshop
Risk Assessment Workshop
BSIMM9 Security Analysis

DevOps Transformation

Create Transformation Plan
Industry comparison
Team assessments
DevOps maturity analysis

Operations Excellence

Tool Recommendations
Process Improvements
Organisation proposal