Kubernetes Service Mesh

Posted by peter.caron on  February 16, 2019
Learning about Istio Service Mesh According to Istio (istio.io), the term Service Mesh describes the network of microservices that make up such applications and the interactions between them. As your container environment increases in size and complexity, it becomes progressively harder to understand and manage as requirements grow. Requirements include discovery, load balancing, failure recovery, metrics collection, and monitoring. A Service Mesh can help with these and includes some even more complex operational requirements, like

API Gateways in Kubernetes

Posted by peter.caron on  February 16, 2019
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Experiments with Ambassador API Gateway There are several ways to expose your Kubernetes service to the outside world. But, if you have worked with Kubernetes much you’ll have noticed that the LoadBalancer/IngressController pairing does not provide the flexibility many of us have come to appreciate in full-featured API gateways or Reverse Proxies. Nor does it always integrate well into a declarative infrastructure. I have been experimenting recently with two native K8S API gateways: Ambassador and
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